Our Missionaries

The Lord brought the family of Jeremy and Bonnie Ruth Farmer to Norway Baptist Church in 2007. Over the years, several trips to the country of Cambodia in southeast Asia had developed in Jeremy and Bonnie Ruth a desire to take the gospel to the people of Cambodia and the neighboring country of Laos. In May of 2011, after two years of establishing partnerships with other churches, Jeremy and Bonnie Ruth moved their family to Cambodia, first to Phnom Penh, the capital city, and then to Banlung, a northern city where their family is being mentored by experienced Cambodian missionaries.

Currently, they are devoting themselves to language study (Khmer) and cultural immersion. They plan to move to the Cambodian province of Stung Treng. This northern province shares a border with the country of Laos, a communist country in which Christians face a constant threat of persecution. It is estimated that 92,000 Laotians live in northern Cambodia. Jeremy and Bonnie Ruth believe that the Lord’s plan for their family is to take the message of the gospel to these Laotians.

After moving north to Stung Treng province, Jeremy and Bonnie Ruth will transition to a study of the Laotian language and culture, eventually becoming able to share with them the gospel. Jeremy also hopes to be involved in teaching pastors of the tribal minority groups in northeast Cambodia.

Jeremy writes, “One of our prayers is that some of the Lao converts would be motivated to carry the gospel to their homeland Laos, just a few miles north of Stung Treng province. Should the Lord open Laos to the gospel, we will seriously consider the possibility of moving into Laos ourselves to plant churches and train nationals.”

Jeremy and Bonnie Ruth have six children: Abi, Isa, Gloria, Eden, Judson, and Salem. To learn more about their ministry in Cambodia or to partner with them, visit their website, solidjoys.org.